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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almost dupe for H&M Mad About You (holo)

Dear Lacqueristas,

I get many swap and cp requests for H&M Mad About You. Video This is one of my favorites, and for sure the best color H&M ever released. Here it is:
Bottle comparison
H&M Mad About You
Catrice brought us a similar colored polish with the same holo glitter finish, they are both corn flower but H&M is a tad more blue. Here's a bottle comparison:

Catrice Dirty Berry

So, always wanted to get your hands on Mad About You? Catrice Dirty Berry just might satify you! Readily available here in my part of the world! Just note that I don't swap for now but feel free to use my comment section to find yourself a swapping homie.

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Anonymous said...


Your blog is incredibly nice: pics, comments, everything!
Sad to hear you have to stop for a while....
I've just bought the dirty berry from looks amazing! Thanx


Anonymous said...

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