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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chanel swatchaton goes on... 209 Marilyn, 453 Magnolia Rose, 471 Ming, 210 Lilac Sky

Dear Lacqueristas,

As you might have noticed with my last 2 posts, I had a Chanel swatchaton going on. Reason was that I have so many untried Chanels that I never even swatched before. So here we go:

209 Marilyn

209 Marilyn. So pretty it deserved another picture :-)
Close up

Chanel 209 Marilyn has been discontinued for some time now and that's an absolute shame since this is one of my favorite Chanels. I love wearing this polish,  looks good on both tips and toes and applies like a dream. Potential one coater but not when you photograph in macro settings :-)

The weird thing about Marilyn is that it is a raspberry shade with some orange or coral that makes it a bit warm. In this base color you will find lots of silver shimmer. Once applied on the nail, it balances perfectly to a neutral tone. Very flattering and flirty! In my personal Chanel top 3.

453 Magnolia Rose in the sun (escuse the frazzle)

Chanel 543 Magnolia Rose is a soft, tender pink with silvery shimmer. It is pretty sheer, I applied 4 coats to reach bottle color. It is a fresh looking color, not stark but healthy and well groomed looking. In the bottle the shimmer looks almost like micro-glitter but once applied on the nail, this doesn't really show.

453 Magnolia Rose in the shade. See the glittah in the bottle?

Bottle pic!

Chanel 471Ming is a soft pink with peachy undertones that make it way too warm for me. Look:

(had to censor the frazzle)

Not flattering. It looks...meaty to me, if that makes sense. Fleshy. Like I have been digging paté sausage with my fingers. Not my kinda color. Application didn't please me, hence the frazzle. I bet this polish would look awesome on warmer, tan or asian skin.

Chanel 210 Lilac Sky

Lilac Sky

210 Lilac sky is a shade that balances cool pink and lilac. Lavendery. With shimmer. Pretty and summery. Application was surprisingly good. Just two coats for these swatches! I think it would look better on a tanned person but I would wear it nontheless.

See the shimmer? Yummy!

Well, you see, I haven't forgot about blogging. Thanks for the emails though, that motivates me to keep posting even when it's busy in my personal and professional life ;-)

Thanks for reading, dear Lacqueristas, and if you want me to do comparisions for any of the reviewed polishes, let me know!

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


sonidlo said...

All those colors are AMAZING!

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Marilyn is OMGwow.
I loveeee it!
Too bad it's discontinued!
Would totally buy it, are there any dupess?

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