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This blog is made by myself and is in no way or means affilliated with a company or (PR) agency. The content of this blog is based on my personal experiences and opinions.
The photograps on this blog are made by me (unless stated otherwise) and even though I try my best, they are not professional. Therefor colors, textures etc might not be 100% accurate.
I am not a certified nail technician, all advices and opinions are based on my personal experiences and opinion.


I do accept free samples and products. If you choose to send me a sample or product, please be aware that I can't promise I will review it and if I do, I will not automatically favor them in my reviews.

If you are interested in sponsering my blog by providing products for a giveaway contest, please contact me to discuss the posibillities.
If you would like to offer my readers a discount code for your website, contact me.