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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

H&M holo's: Sinful Señorita and Mad About You. Video's! Special reason!

Dear Lacqueristas,

I have not been posting the last couple of days. I didn't have a lot of time and when I finally did, there was no sun! Might have something to do with the volcanic ashes from Iceland that have been hovering above our continent lately...

Anyways, meet the next H & M holographic polishes. And... there's a very special reason that I reviwed them... Keep an eye on my coming posts! ;-)
Sinful Señorita
Sinful Señorita is a medium pink with holographic particles. The holo-effect is not too much in your face but the vividness of the color totally makes up for that. I find that many holo polishes tend to have a dull base color, well this one is a bit on the brighter side, more colorful.
Formula was regular and dried quick (most holo's do)

Mad About You
This polish is a lilac/periwinkle with fine holographic particles. Mad about you is way more holographic then Sinful Señorita but still a little more subtle then China Glaze holo's.

In the shade this polish looks like a suede. I am so in love with this color, I will wear this as my full mani tomorrow and I will buy me a back up as soon as I go shopping again. Check out the video, be aware of lemmings!  

Well Lacqueristas isn't this the perfect polish for spring? Wich one do you like better? And is H & M nail polish available where you live?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Jessica said...

Those are all freaking gorgeous! I love holos so very much. I"m not sure if we have H&M polish here, my closest H&M is over an hour

Evil Angel said...

Mad about you is gorgeous!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

I am loving Sinful Senorita!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

OMG I love Mad about you!!!!!

Jackie S. said...

Holo's are my new love this spring! I need these, great swatches!

Amy said...

I love holos and those colors are awesome! I especially love the Mad about you *want*

dailypolish said...

those are AMAZING!!! everyone says you can buy h&m polishes in the UK but i've been into one of the gigantic stores and not seen a single one! guess i'll have to try a different location!

Anonymous said...

love them! Got the pink one recently and for this price, this is definetely a holo one should buy! :D

you nailed it! said...

ik heb mad about you nu op (:

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