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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YOUR opinion.

Dear Lacqueristas,

Let's face it, there's only so many  Scrangies, Polishaddicts and Chloe's in this world. There's tons of other nail blogs that I love and frequent, and there's a million of others that are pretty good as well. But it's getting more and more the same and my blog is stuck in that too. The same press releases, the same collections beeing reviewed, the same you know. Ofcourse it's helpfull to see many different swatches of one particular collection when your making up your mind what to get and yeah I appreciate the reviews on formula etc. But it doesn't happen a lot that I stumble onto a blog that makes me think, wow now this is really really cool!

I'm beeing honest, when I started blogging poor naive me somehow dared to have the ambition to grow this blog into something *unique*. Looking back at that ambition I can only smile and shrug. It's just impossible to stand out amongst all these great blogs! During my three month blogging break I realized I do not just miss posting, but I want to do more then just that. I also want to do something.... together! With you guys!

For a couple of months now I have a Nail polish Collection Database that a couple of GREAT girls from MUA maintain and that inspired me to investigate of some kind of community blog would be interesting. I'm not sure how it would look like but I have some ideas that might be fun.

I know there's some great swatchers out there that don't have time to start and maintain their own blog. Then this project would be for you.
Just some random thought on what topics the blog/website could cover;

  • All there swatchers with their unique skin tone would swatch the exact same polish for a particular post. It would be easy for readers to see how this particular polish would look on a skin tone similar to their own. 
  • Or to have bloggers with diverse interest and talent, maybe someone that is great at free handed nail art, another one would be a Franken-queen and we would also have a layering expert. 
  • Maybe we can have a blog that only reviews one particular brand. Or only swapping. Only high-end brands. Everything but pink. Whatever! 
  • To have a blog or website in a never seen before layout
  • To transfer the nail polish community database to a real website, and to build it as a proper database with all the polishes beeing swatched

You get the point. I think I'm just playing with the idea to *initiate* something fun in this nail polish blogging world. If you want to collaborate or share your ideas, that would be awesome. It's easy, just enter your thought in this form. Or post a comment.

 Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!