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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All my blue Zoya swatches

Dear Lacqueristas,

With the Zoya promo going on, I felt like throwing some swatches out there. Here are all the blue Zoya's in my stash:
Medium blue, super shimmery and therefore pearly. With a faint purple flash that I only saw in the bottle and not on the actual nail. Super glowing and velvety finish. Formula was great, 2 coats. Let me just remind you that all pics are clickable.
Crystal from the side
Light blue and gold foil. Sounds great right? Crystal is getting a lot of love from polish fanatics. Not from me. There's something about the color scheme that is just off. It looks bland, dull. Not flattering and it's just not for me. Maybe I should wear it out in the sun and give it a chance? 
Crystal daylight
Crystal no direct light

Dusty blue, somewhat murky creme. Formula was great, 3 coats.

In between medium and light blue. Bright blue! Fresh creme, reminds me of lazy summer days when the sky has this color. 3 coats, formula a tad bit runny but nothing a lacquerista can't handle.
Phoebe with topcoat
Medium bright blue matte. Not chalky but a velvety matte finish. But, with a layer of topcoat it comes alive! Phoebe is a true stunner with her secret shimmer, I love love love it!
Phoebe without topcoat

How did you like these so far? What is your favorite Zoya blue? Tomorrow I will post more Zoya swatches.... I have like 30 more!

Hasta la vista, Lacqueristas!