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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Diamonds and Pearls (Oh no, Purples)

Dear Lacqueristas,

I was born in the early eighties and boy did we have cheesy music back then. But I always loved Prince. All the way through the decennia. Dídn't you guys?
My NOTD was Models Own Purple Passion but I turn that up a notch by adding a crushed diamonds topcoat. The results:
Models Own Purple Passion

Models Own Purple Passion

Purple Passion with Covered in Diamonds
Purple Passion is a saturated,almost neon purple. It was impossible to capture the true color, it is more purple in real life. Formula was fine.
Covered with Diamonds is a topcoat by Color Club and it makes my nails look like... they are covered in diamonds (hehe)

What do you like better, with or without Covered in Diamonds?

Haste la vista, Lacqueristas!