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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The curse of the bottle

Look at the bottle: pink,blue and gold flecks!

Dear Lacqueristas,

A while ago I posted about P2 Elegant, a stunning lilac/grey with hot pink shimmer. One of my favourite nail polishes ever. Now here's another one of that same brand:

The name of this polish is Rich. I can see why, it is rich of multi colored glass flecks. Beautiful in the bottle, a little less stunning on the nail. It's like a curse. When a polish is extra beautiful in the bottle, chances are it's meh once applied. Or vice versa. Anyways, P2 Rich is pretty but don't expect the full blown spectrum of glass flecks to be visible on your tips. With a thick layer of topcoat I managed to get rid of the gritty-ness.

Please note that P2 has recently changed it's range and therefore this particular shade is not available anymore.

P2 Rich
 Have you dealt with the *bottle curse* yet? Pretty in thebottle, meh on the nail? Eleborate please :-)

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!