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Friday, April 1, 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl dissapointment

Dear Lacqueristas,

Ever bought a nailpolish just because it is supposedly the most amazing shade/finish/whatever and polish fanatics keep raving about it? I sure did. A lot of times I was happy I did and most of all happy I was pointed in that direction. But this next sucker is a different story:

Do you recognise this shade? I estimate 90% of the die hard polish fanatics own this one, and 99% out of them *love* it.

I am talking about Orly Galaxy Girl. Many times I've read reviews that sayd Galaxy Girl was even more unique and pretty then Space Cadet. The swatch pictures of Galaxy Girl didn't blow me away, but I learned the hard way that it is not easy to capture extra pretty shades/effects on camera so I went ahead and ordered myself a Galaxy Girl.

Now have a look at my swatch pictures. This is *exactly* how GG looks in real life. The camera sure did do it justice. Nothing special about this polish.

A sheer, reddish purple with a blue duo chrome. But very shy. Mehhh.

Here are some more dreadfull pics of the supposed Wunderkind

Just one thing for me left to say:

Son, I'm dissapoint!

Now I'd like to know your stories about polish rave dissapointment. So we can haz a sad together :-(

Haste la vista, Lacqueristas!