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Monday, January 3, 2011

Full collection swatches of OPI by Katy Perry

Dear Lacqueristas, 

My taste in nail polish is pretty broad. But I'm a sucker for color's that would be considered outrageous to most non-Lacqueristas. The more glitter, holo or *ugly* the better. I would literally DREAM about funky collaberations in the nail polish world. My wishlist: Lady Gaga, Bjork, Nelly Furtado, Lilly Allen, Kat von D, MIA, Ivy Queen, Macy Grey but most of all Katy Perry. And that last one just came true!

Katy Perry for OPI was released on January 1st, the collection exists of 4 different shades and one black shatter topcoat. All four shades can be topped off with the Black Shatter to create an unique leopard pattern.

Teenage Dream
A transparent mellow pink shade with shimmer and holographic particles. In the bottle it looks like the polish is pink but it's actually a clear base packed with pink shimmer particles. That's what makes it look pink. On the nail you don't really get the pink. It applies VERY sheer. Teenage Dream would make a great topcoat!
Besides the fine pink shimmer, this polish is also loaded with small perfectly round holographic particles. These look like tiny mirrors that make the finish extremely vivid in the right light.

Teenage Dream in daylight

Teenage Dream in sunlight

Teenage Dream with Black Shatter, no topcoat

Teenage Dream with Black Shatter and topcoat

Here's a video I made of Teenage Dream. Incredibly vivid glittah and holo! And in the video I didn't even have sun, so imagine what the sun would do...

Last Friday Night
In the bottle this looks like a vibrant blue with lots of glitters. A closer look tells us this is in fact a clear polish with the slightest touch of blue, with sparse blue micro shimmer and small turqoise and silver round particles. I'm not sure if these silver particles have a holographic quality to them. So far, I do not think so.

Last Friday Night applies the sheerest of sheer. After four thick coats there is finally some blue visible. The glitters are also very sparse, it does not even come close to Teenage Dream (that is packed with these goodies). I experienced a strange change in color when I was taking pictures of Last Friday Night; in some light setting the polish appears more pinkish then blue-ish...

Last Friday Night, daylight

Last Friday Night with Black Shatter, no topcoat

The One That Got Away
OPI describes this as a deep berry pink. I would say they might be right :-) On some websites I have read that The One That Got Away is considered a multi-chrome (Showing different colors depending on angle/light). In the bottle I do see a golden duo chrome going on, but once applied on the nail I was not able to catch that again.
Either way, this is a pretty and flattering pink although it's not unique. In the formula you find tiny glitter.The finish and formula falls somewhere between Let Me Entertain You and Teas-y Does It. I did a comparison with LMEY and they don't come close.

The One That Got Away, sunlight

The One That Got Away with Black Shatter
(look at how ugly the shatter pattern turned out. This is what happens when you are impatient! Have a look at my tips n tricks at the bottem of this post ;-)

Not Like The Movies
My favorite of this Katy Perry Collection. A multi chrome with a dominant grey base color. Once applied the pink becomes more dominant and depending on the angle you will catch green, pink, purple, grey. The color shifting is not bold but subtle and that makes this polish stand out. It is elegant, office appropiate yet funky baby. There's also some speckles of micro glitter in the formula. Awesome!

Not Like The Movies in day light. Check out the (subtle) color shifting

Another one, just because I can

Artificial light

Not Like The Movies with Black Shatter, no topcoat

Katy Perry for OPI is a fun collection with some funky shades. The formulas of Not Like The Movies and The One That Got Away are excellent. The formulas of Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night are very thick, gel-like but still manageable. Overall I found that the four polishes dried quicker then usual. The concept of a crackle polish is not new but I think OPI is the first big high end brand to release a crackling polish.

Tips and Tricks
Working with the Black Shatter, a so called crackle polish is something you have to get the hang of. Here are some tips I want to share with you:
  • Make sure your colored polish is completely dry before you apply the Black Shatter. If you apply the Shatter on a semi-dry polish, you will not get that nice *leopard* look but ugly thick streaks (like in my picture of The One That Got Away
  • Experiment with the amount of Shatter polish on your brush when you apply. When you apply a thin layer you will get a fragile fine craquelé look. On the other hand, when you apply too much, the Shatter will "break" into huge pieces. Personally I like to apply the Shatter like this: I take the brush out of the bottle but I don't swipe away the excess
  • When you apply the Shatter, don't worry about how tidy you do that. You won't see smudges or missed spots after all
  • After the Shatter has crackled, I like to be precise with my clean up. The crackle look is funky and can crackle all it wants on the nail, but because it is so out there it can easliy end up looking trashy. So I make sure my cuticles are clean. I use a thin brush dipped in acetone to achieve this, have a look at my Tutorial how you can learn this too
  • The Black Shatter dries up matte. I do like the contrast of the sparly, shiny base color peeking trough the matte crackle but you can also apply a regular topcoat on top to add shine. This will also deepen the black of the Shatter itself.
  • Experience with different base colors
Skittles of Katy Perry by OPI
Here's a lil bonus for yous! Interesting to see how the extra layer of topcoat intensified the color of the Black Shatter...

All three coats, exept for LFN (4 coats)

Same order as above, with Black Shatter, without topcoat

Same order as above, With Black Shatter and a layer of topcoat
Well dear readers, that was a quite an article. I have not posted in months, due to professional and personal occupations but I certainly didn't lose my love for polish! I hope you guys enjoyed my review and pictures. I'd love to hear from whatever remarks or questions you have.
My questions for you: What is your favorite shade of this collection, and how with what nail polish would you combine the crackle polish?
Hasta la vista, Lacqueristas!