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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Storage solutions... Finally having dinner on a table?

Dear Lacqueristas,

My nail polish stash "lives" in my living room. I had the intention to make one of our rooms my nail room as we have 3 spare rooms in our house but I soon realized it's pretty boring to be alone with your obsession in a seperate room while the rest of the family is in the living room. So for now, my polishes are staying in the living room.
In fact, they are in several transparent Ikea boxes, sorted by brand. Even though my intention was to only take out the items I'd need for my manicure, I always end up taking EVERYTHING out of their boxes and displaying it right on our dinner table. And then it stands there. For days. Weeks. Months? On the nice table my boyfriend sanded down and painted just for me. Lately we eat on the couch because the table is totally confisquated by my nail obsession. And my stash is growing and growing. Time for change! Yes, I can!

I am currently working on solutions... Will update soon + pics!

How do you store your stash? And do you have a spreadsheet?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


KrisInPhilly said...

Two red Helmers from Ikea for the polish and a three drawer thing from Target for treatments, konad and franken supplies. I need a third Helmer. Eek! I have a spreadsheet too. I do love to play with my polish.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

LOL This is a cute post!
I have 2 Helmers and I have a spare room I call my dressing room.

Here's a link to some pics. The last one you can see my Helmers. :) I love them. They hold a lot!!

Arlyn said...

My Stash lives in the living room too! I have a few tupperware plastic drawers and an OPI train case. I could turn my back bedroom into the polish room; but as you said; that's not fun :( So, it's not the most beautiful display but it works for now...

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