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Friday, April 9, 2010

Catrice entire new collection nail wheel swatches

Dear Lacqueristas,

Just a quick post to show you the nail wheels of the new Catrice collection

010 Dont feed The birds
020 MAN, go TANGO
030 Meet me at Coral Island
040 Princess For A Day
050 The Pinker The Better
080 Lets Talk About Barrie!
100 Wine-Tastic
110 Poison me Poison You
120 Plum Play With me
130 Lucky In Lilac
140 Lets Mauve On
150 Big Spender Wanted
160 Sweets For My Sweets
170 I Scream Peach!
180 Hot or Not
190 Wrapped Around My Finger
200 From Dusk To Dawn
210 Just Married
220 Lost in Mud
230 Clay-ton my hero
240 Sold out for ever
250 I Sea You
260 Blue's Brother
270 It Blue My Mind
280 London's Weather Forecast
290 My Best friend's Tiara
300 Be my Millionaire

Close up of the most popular polishes: 240 Sold Out Forever (Chanel Jade dupe), 230 Clay-ton, My Hero, 240 Lost in Mud (supposed Chanel Particuliere dupe)

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Thank you for the color wheels. Very helpful and appreciated that you post them. Of course, now I *need* many of those colors....but what am I going to do? lol

Natalia said...

Great!! Thank you
Would you do a comparison of Chanel Mica rose and Catrice Just Married? Looking for a cheaper option to Mica Rose... I'd appreaciate it! By the way, Aren't Catrice polishes just awsome?

Laquerista said...

@ Lacquer ware for tips and toes: You're welcome! Hey I never swapped before but I'm open for it! I would love me some Claire's mood polishes ;-)

@ Natalia: Sure, I will post it today if I find the time. And yes many of them are awesome but I did hate the formula on a few!

Thifa said...

Uhhhhhhh searching can be great! What an awesome post! :D I'm looking for shades to buy now that they're on sale. I'm already have most of them but needed a swatch like that to evaluate if I should get the rest of the collection ahaha

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