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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tips n tricks 3:Removing polish

Dear lacqueristas,

I'm about to share my tips n tricks regarding removing nail polish. It seems so basic, yet can be a serious pain in the bum.... glitters anyone? Ok here I go:

Basic removing
For the everyday nailpolish I like to use a acetone free remover. I like the idea that it contains less toxic ingredients. I bought an empty 1 push remover bottle by Konad that I fill with any drugstore cheap remover.
This bottle comes in totally handy because you don't have to screw open anything, you just push the lil thingy and weppa there you have a fresh nice squeez of remover. I currently use cellulose pads because they don't fluff, but I'm looking for an alternative because I don't like the way they feel.
For a basic removal of polis, I would moist my cellulose pad with a good amount of remover, place it on my nail and let it work for about 15 seconds. Then I move my pad upwards towards my free nail edge. Try not to rub in this stage! If you do, the pigments might travel their way underneath or on your cuticles and this could leave residue for days. Not pretty. Therefor I use 1 pad per finger. When I finished removing the polish from all nails, I take 1 clean pad with remover and quickly run over all nails to finish off.
Now I would wash my hands and if I want to apply fresh nail polish, I would take my acetone remover and a new pad and run it over every nail to ensure no oils or soap is left on the nail surface.

Oh my, glitter polishes used to be my worst nightmare! If you try to take them off the traditional way (as described above) it might take you an hour! And glitters everywere! Days later I would find glitters on my carpet or couch... A true pain in the bum. But! There are a few ways to speed up things. I am not a doctor but I assume the acetone might not benefit your health so try at your own risk.

The pad/tinfoil way
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Take a scissors and cut your cellulose pads in the shape of your nail plates. more or less. The less contact with your skin, the better) Now soak the pads in acetone remover and place them on your nailplates. Secure with tinfoil so the acetone won't vaporise.
Leave them on for about 10 minutes. Then you take off the tin foil and remove the cellulose pads whilest applying some pressure towards the free edge. This way most glitter would be on the pad. Now you should be able to remove the residue glitters much easier.

The soaky way
Take an old glass (no plastic, acetone might melt this!) bowl and pour enough acetone in it to cover your fingertips.
Now let your fingertips soak in the acetone for about 5 to 10 minutes. I like to take a cellulose pad and "scrape" off the glitters that loosened whilest soaking every few minutes. The thing I like most about this way is that the glitters would fall into the bowl and stay there. So no more glitters in your carpet!!! Don't stay in the acetone longer as needed because after all it's a toxic chemical!
As for the residue of acetone, never throw this in your sink or toilet, but collect it in old bottles or pots and hand it to your local chemical waist company, or use an old cloth that can soak all acetone, then lay it somewhere outside (make sure pets and children don't have acces to it) and let it vaporize.

Now those are my ways to remove polish, was it helpfull? How do you do it? Share!

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!