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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

China Glaze Sexagon

Dear Lacqueristas,

I think most of us lacqueristas know how to appriciate a good holo. Most of you probably own some, and I think Sexagon is one of the bestsellers when it comes to holo's.
It is a clear base (really!) with very fine, tiny flakes of holo's. The main colors of these particles are silver, but they flash blue, orange, green and purple depending on the angle of the light rays. The formula on this is great: dries super quick and finishes without a grainy feeling!
I played around a lil bit with it, and I figured I'd show you the results

Daylight, no direct sunlight. See how it looks just plain silver/grey? No holo to be seen! Untill....

...You get direct light (in this case the flash) to hit the polish. Mind you that holo's are extremely hard to catch on picture, so IRL the holo is much much more!

check out the comparison pictures after the jump.

Comparison Sexagon/OMG and different finishes. Note that
 the matte topcoat totally takes away the holo effect.

That's all for now, What do you think about this polish, and the different effects? How do you wear it?

Hasta la vista, lacqueristas!


susies1955 said...

I have China Glaze OMG but not the others. I haven't even tried it yet.
These are very pretty.
Glad to find you,

Kate Lee said...

I LOVE the Sexagon and Let's Do It In 3D colors from the pics I've seen on the web. I just discovered China Glaze today, and I learned these were discontinued :( Therefore they're running $20 a bottle on eBay now. *sad panda* Would you consider it worth it? I've seen nothing like these colors anywhere else, and I'm in love!

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