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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swatches new Chanel polish: Rouge Allure Velvet collection

Dear Lacqueristas,

You may have already seen the brand new Chanel matte lipstick collection. Awesome colors in a creamy matte texture. Together with these Allure Velvet lipsticks, a small matching nail polish collection was released. I already fell in love with two of them. Today I show you Pirate and Rose Caché:

Chanel Pirate
Pirate is a stunning deep raspberry, blue toned red jelly. This polish is so incredibly shiny that I wasn't able to make any pics without crazy glare.

Chanel Rose Chaché, in daylight but colors seem to be a tad washed out

Chanel Rose Caché in artificial light, colors sem more accurate
Rose Caché is a nude beige/pink. I fell head over heels with this shade, it is so pretty and feminine and I have recieved many compliments. I also enjoyed the matte version a lot, it kinda looks as if my nails were made of skin. (eewww? No, in a good way)
Rose Caché reminds me of OPI Dulce de Leche exept for the secret shimmer that Rose Chaché is full of (in the bottle). I do not own OPI DdL but here's a comparison with Barefoot in Barcelona

Left to right: RC, BiB, RC, BiB
Secret Shimmer... Metallic fuchsia shimmer
 Here are some bonus pics:

Chanel Rose Cache
Mattified: pinky=OPI BiB, ring=RC, Middle=BiB, index=RC
Chanel Pirate mattified
A note on th eChanel velvet topcoat: the quality is extraordinary. It seems to be velvetty and smoother whereas traditional matte topcoats can be chalky or streaky. Will do a full review soon.

Have you seen these new Chanel polishes yet? How do you like them? And what is your favorite polish ever to mattify?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!