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Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear Lacqueristas,

Just a quick update for the ones that used to read my blog: my baby has been born! She's born a few weeks ago, and we are all doing well now after a traumatizing delivery and beeing in the hospital for a while.  My boyfriend and I have fallen deeply in love with our daughter and we are so grateful to have her here with us.

That said - my little girl keeps me pretty occupied and I love it ♥ but I don't feel like playing nails anytime soon. Maybe in a while, when we settled as a family and I have the nights to myself again... who knows. For now I'm just gonna enjoy my brand new family.

Thanks to all of you that send emails and messages!

 Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Summary upcoming Spring Collections 2012

Dear Lacqueristas,

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for spring! I'm done with the grey, murky weather. Bring out the sun, pastels and brightness!
If you have read my last blog post, you know why I can't post my own mani's for now. I've decided to share my favorite blogs and web-found info with you!

Today it's Squared Nails. She posted a round-up of the upcoming nail polish collections. Are you ready for... Flakies? Magnetics? Glitter shatters? New Dior and Chanel?

Here we go...


Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Who wants to take over my blog?

Dear Lacqueristas,

It has been ages since I last posted. One of the reasons is my pregnancy. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum which means I feel sick for most of the time. There are a lot of smells that trigger my nausia and nail polish and remover is one of them. So I don't see myself posting in the next say... 25 weeks? Maybe I might just quit all together because it will be very busy, working full time and having a brand new baby. I put so much time, effort and money into this blog, it makes me so sad that it just faints and dies away because I don't post....
I would like for my blog to continue in my spirit :-) and who knows, I just might be back.

So, would you like to take over my blog, at least for a while? As a individual or as a group? And are you able to  post regularly? Are your polishing, clean-up and photo skills good? Then this might be the opportunity to run an existing blog and see how you like that, and make great friends along the way.

If you're interested in taking over, send me an email with your details and tell me something about yourself and why you would want this. I'd also like to see some pictures :-)

I was surprised to receive emails of some of you, to check up on me. Heart warming, thanks for that!

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My latest obsession: Mattified Mannequin Manicures

Dear Lacqueristas,

Lately I feel drawn to a weird phenomenon: the Mattified Mannequin Manicure (MMM)
I didn't come up with this concept,  I came across a pic that inspired me to experiment. It's been a couple of weeks now and I've been searching for my perfect Mattified Mannequin Manicure shade. I find it weird and wrong but so different and exiting at the same time.
Dior Safari Beige topped with Essence Nail Art Twins Julia, mattified. Pic taken with flash.

Same manicure, in daylight
Same manicure, before I mattified.

Dior Safari Beige 
Dior Safari Beige, mattified
Try to say Mattified Mannequin Manicure 5 times and you will find your tongue in a knot. So let's just say MMM okay ;-p

I wonder which of the versions of my Dior Safari manicure you like best. The mattified or shiny one? With or without the holo hex glitters?

And have you also been intrigued by mattified mannequin hands? I keep on seeing them popping up.

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Magnetics!

Dear Lacqueristas,

Here some quick snaps of the new Essence Magnetics. They are SOOOO much better then their last magnetics! Or maybe it's the magnet... I din't know. You be the judge:

01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and the magnet

These ofcourse are just skittles, I didn't have time for full swatches... Maybe soon?
Do you like magnetic polish, and do you own some? Which ones, and do you like them?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

The remaining swatches of the new Chanel Allure Velvet collection: Rose Exubérant 519

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

The one remaining new Chanel polish from the Allure Velvet Collection: Rose Exubérant 519. Here are some swatches and a comparison
Chanel Rose Exubérant 519
Bottle comparison to Splendeur
Chanel Rose Exubérant vs. Splendeur
Splendeur is a cooler toned pink, whereas Rose Exubérant is a tad warmer. A muggle won't see the difference. Both colors applied like a dream, one coat could do (if you weren't to take macro pics. I applied 2 coats)

Amazing formula and I love the suturated-ness of these shades. Love love.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My first article in a printed magazine!

Dear Lacqueristas,

Here's a quick post about something that has me very exited... A few months back I received an email by a beauty editor of FAB magazine. She asked me to write an article on nail trends.
I hesitated because I'm not really sure if I know anything about trends. But I went ahead and gave it a shot. Besides colors and finishes I wrote about ditching fakes and going natural, and tips and tricks like the Meganchair method.

I don't have a scanner that could handle this magazine yet (it's huge! Look at my tiny lil fingers compared to the page in the pic) but here are some pics.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be picked out to do this. I will always and forever save my copy and show it to my children when I am old and wrinkly and tell them look, mommy was a printed writer I tell you, on nail polish, now can you believe that?

Thanks so much to Elaine for giving me the opportunity to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Swatches new Chanel polish: Rouge Allure Velvet collection

Dear Lacqueristas,

You may have already seen the brand new Chanel matte lipstick collection. Awesome colors in a creamy matte texture. Together with these Allure Velvet lipsticks, a small matching nail polish collection was released. I already fell in love with two of them. Today I show you Pirate and Rose Caché:

Chanel Pirate
Pirate is a stunning deep raspberry, blue toned red jelly. This polish is so incredibly shiny that I wasn't able to make any pics without crazy glare.

Chanel Rose Chaché, in daylight but colors seem to be a tad washed out

Chanel Rose Caché in artificial light, colors sem more accurate
Rose Caché is a nude beige/pink. I fell head over heels with this shade, it is so pretty and feminine and I have recieved many compliments. I also enjoyed the matte version a lot, it kinda looks as if my nails were made of skin. (eewww? No, in a good way)
Rose Caché reminds me of OPI Dulce de Leche exept for the secret shimmer that Rose Chaché is full of (in the bottle). I do not own OPI DdL but here's a comparison with Barefoot in Barcelona

Left to right: RC, BiB, RC, BiB
Secret Shimmer... Metallic fuchsia shimmer
 Here are some bonus pics:

Chanel Rose Cache
Mattified: pinky=OPI BiB, ring=RC, Middle=BiB, index=RC
Chanel Pirate mattified
A note on th eChanel velvet topcoat: the quality is extraordinary. It seems to be velvetty and smoother whereas traditional matte topcoats can be chalky or streaky. Will do a full review soon.

Have you seen these new Chanel polishes yet? How do you like them? And what is your favorite polish ever to mattify?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

24 Zoya's swatches to help decide with the promo orders

Dear Lacqueristas,

Here are the swatches of 24 Zoya's, I hope they will help you to narrow your order down ;-) (or create new lemmings lol)
Sirena (sun light)
Sirena (overcast)
Gilda (flash)
Gilda (day light)
Cassi (sunlight)
Astra (indoors)
Astra (day light)
Astra (flash)
Alegra (flash)
Delilah (no topcoat)
Delilah (topcoat)

Jade (no sun)
Nidhi and her awesome glittery flakes
Phoebe (no topcoat)
Phoebe (topcoat)
I will update this post with info about the # of coats, formula and overall findings. For now I will only reveal my favourites: Sooki, Jade, Alegra.

What are your favorite Zoya's?

Hasta la vista, Lacqueristas!