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Monday, April 18, 2011

Catrice nail polish collection 2011 part 1

420 Dirty Berry

Dear Lacqueristas,

Catrice just did a huge make-over on their nail polish collection. They kept a few *old* shades and discontinued other ones. The great news is that the new shades in this collection are really exiting! Let me introduce you to Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer collection 2011:
Dirty Berry is a dusty lilac/periwinkle with fine holographic glitter. Quite similar to H&M's Mad About You that is HTF now. Formula is great to work with and I applied 2 coats.
380 Forget-Me-Not, sun

Forget-Me-Not! has to be my favorite of this collection so far. This vibrant purple is on some serious steroids and the finish is super complex. It has a foil quality to it and there's some duo chrome going on as well. It played tricks with my camera so here's another pic without sun:
380 Forget-Me-Not, overcast
430 Purplelized

Purplelized has almost the same complex finish as 380 Forget-Me-Not! (as shown above) but misses out on the duo chrome and the color is not vibrant at all and therefore this polish falls a bit flat.
Both 430 and 380 formula's are fine. Three coats is what I applied.
170 I Scream Peach!
I Scream Peach! is a dupe for Chanel Peach Fizz (comparison here) and was part of the existing Catrice collection but I swatched it anyways. Formula was a bit tricky, I had to apply 4 coats to even out streaks.
520 Apropos Apricot
Apropos Apricot has a BIG FAT LIE on the bottle. It says you have to apply 2 coats. Let me tell you: I gave up after 6 coats. What a hell of a formula to work with. Streaky and not pigmented enough. I really dislike the color on me too. Blegh.
400 Blue Cara Ciao
Blue Cara Ciao is a medium blue creme and it is fabulous. It reminds me of the color of KLM. I applied 3 coats.
490 Iron Mermaiden, sun
Iron Mermaiden is a purple/grey/green multi chrome. The color shifting is quite visible so here's another pic to enjoy just that:
490 Iron Mermaiden, overcast
As you might have noticed, I had some problems with the formula. It was a bit watery and showing too much brush strokes.

My guess is that Iron Mermaiden is made to dupe OPI's Not Like The Movies. I did a quick comparison and ok the overall color might be similar but IM misses the micro glitter that NLTM has and also OPI's formula is 100x better.
Essence also released a polish that looks the same in the bottle (43 Where's the Party?) but this is a different shade alltogether. Much more purple and less color shifting. Here's a bottle comparison between the three of them:
Left to right: Where's the Party, Iron Mermaiden, Not Like The Movies
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
Miss Piggy Reloaded is a medium cool pink polish with multi colored tiny glitters. This polish totally surprised me because in the bottle I didn't see any glitters but when applied and in the sun - wow the pretty! The glitters are still subtle but they're there and that's what counts. I don't have anything in my stash like this. Here's another pic in the sun:
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded, sun

Voor de Nederlandse lezers:
Catrice nagellak is verkrijgbaar bij de Kruidvat voor € 2.49. Voor zover ik heb begrepen zijn nog niet alle winkels voorzien van het nieuwe (2011) Ultimate Nail Lacquer display maar in de komende weken zal je deze nieuwe nagellak in de meeste Catrice displays kunnen vinden.
I have still tons of Catrice polish to swatch but I got high today of the fumes so bare with me!
Which one do you like best so far? Do they sell Catrice where you live?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!