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Monday, April 18, 2011

My stash solution

5 displays in a row

Dear Lacqueristas,

It's obvious I love nail polish. Over the last years I collected hundreds of bottles, right now I have somewhere just under 500 of them. I keep them in a small cabinet that is about to explode. That way I keep my bf happy and and oblivious - no bottles everywhere ;-)

Because my beloved nail polish lives in a cabinet I do not enjoy them as much as I want. Inspired by the *popsickle* thing that some fellow bloggers came up with, I browsed the internet to find a solution that would work even better for me. This is what I came up with:

Here is what they look like up close, more or less divided by colors:

the Pinks
The nude/earthy ones

the Blue/greens

the Purples

Every display holds 64 sticks. I have been working on the swatching for weeks now, the fumes make me super high. Five displays are now swatched, so do the math....

I did encounter some problems marking the sticks. They are made from acrylic and cd markers would be wiped away easily. I bought several brands permanent markers and I found Steadler Lumocolor works best.

My plan is to mark each stick with a unique number that I will write on th etop of the polish bottle cap as well so they are easier to find in a drawer. This number will also be found in my spreadsheet.

I think those displays make my swatches look very organized and professional, don't they? At least it makes me very happy to see my swatches displayed like this. Like a piece of art.

Now on to the price. I bought these displays on Ebay. The 64 swatch sticks with the fake nails attached are included. One display costs $ 2.74  (€ 1.94) and the shipping depends on where you live (the seller is Hong Kong based)
Here is a link to the seller on Ebay. I am not affilliated with them and buying is on your own risk.

Here is a bonus pic with a few of my fav's:

From let to right: Lemon Fizz, Flip Flop Fantasy, Nfu Oh 61, Absolutely Alice, Across the Universe, MPJ holo, Chanel Marilyn, Kreme de la Kremlin, Parlez Vous OPI?, Clarins 230
How do you like my idea? How do you organize and enjoy your stash most?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!