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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Models Own - the pink army

Dear Lacqueristas,

Are you ready for a bunch of Model's Own swatches? Sit back and enjoy.

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink: a medium cool pink with tons of silver shimmer. The finish is very similar to OPI suede's but without the matte finish.

Lili's Pink

Lili's Pink
Lili's Pink is similar to Tickled Pink, finish wise. But the base color is a softer pink. Weird finish, me like a lot!

Raspberry Crush
Raspberry Crush is a super flattering blue toned saturated pink/red. Vibrant, almost neon-ish. Creme finish.

Pink Sorbet
Pink Sorbet is also a weirdo. A hot, hot pink, almost neon. Super heavy on the shimmer, pearly almost (but not quite) leaning frosty. Hmmm... yeah. I bet it looks extra good on the toes in summer.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink. What's in a name, right? Stark white based pink. I love colors like these but that doesn't necessarily mean I can pull it off. I don't really care though, I wear what I want :-p and just imagine I have beautiful hands without lobster tendency.

Pink Blush
Pink Blush: Barbie pink creme. Love it.

Buff Pink
Buff Pink is a sheer but buildable shade. Cream/pink colored and falls in my beloved Palate Cleanser catogory.
The only other pink Model's Own that I didn't yet post is Pink Explosion. That polish is so crazily glittery and fierce that artificial or normal day light just don't do it right. Only the sun brings out it's true beauty so I won't post pictures untill the sun peeks through :-)

Do you like pink nail polish? And what's your favorite Models Own?

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Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!