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Monday, February 7, 2011

Experiments with Black Shatter: Linear or Scattered crackles, and can you use thinner?

Dear Lacqueristas,

A few weeks ago I posted my tips and tricks on crackle polish. I did some more experimenting in the weeks that past since and I have some new tips and tricks I'd like to share:

In my previous post I showed some common patterns. Most of you liked the *Leopard* and the *Turtle* the best.

I would consider these two to be linear designs because their pattern is rather lined up, even and neat. I find those easier to achieve on a base color that is not glass-like smooth. A holographic polish for instance, has more grip and therefore the shatter crackles more evenly.
It also helps to apply a thin to medium thick layer of shatter. The fact is: the thinner the layer, the smaller the pattern.

When the surface of the base color is really smooth, for instance on a jelly or creme, the shatter lacks grip when it shrinks and will leave random or string-like patterns.

You will also get this effect when the base color is not dry enough or when you apply a thick layer of shatter polish.

Can you use thinner in Black Shatter?
The answer is: Yes you can. Black Shatter turns goopy super, super quick. After two manicures my bottle was too goopy to handle. I decided to add some OPI polish thinner and that worked perfectly. It didn't damage the polish and it doens't affect the crackle effect.

I updated my original post on this topic. I am so exited I got so many respons through comments, Tumblr email and Youtube. Thanks all!

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Do you want to share your experience or tips with crackle polish? Which pattern do you like best?
Hasta la vista, Lacqueristas!