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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The answers to my guessing game *about the holo-est holo that ever holo-ed*

Remember yesterday's lil guessing game?

Here are the answers:

1. Is this the holiest holo that you have ever seen?
I'm sure it is the holo-est holo I've ever seen. More holo then Gosh Holographic, China Glaze OMG or any of the OPI holo's I've ever seen. Word is that Chanel's holograpic might be even more holo, but since I don't own that I can't confirm that.

2. Guess the polish (brand/name)
The right answer is: Nfu.Oh 61

3. Did I photoshop the colors? (other then the obvious duplicating and erasing of some parts of the bottle)
I did not photoshop the picture (or enhance contract/colors etc) in any other way then cropping, duplicating and erasing the Nfu.Oh letters and cap. These colors and effects are 100% "natural". This is how my cam picked it up. The fun part is that in real life, the effect is even more holo. Full on rainbow, with true, vivid colors.

4. How many colors do you see in this particular picture (on the nail)
I think I counted 7 color shifts on the nails.

5. What should I do for the winner of this lil guessing game? How about offering a guest blogger stage? Or the winner can choose/come up with the next guessing game? Other ideas?
I liked the "pat on the back" idea, but I never gave a cyber pat before. So how about a lil guest bloggin'?

And because every guessing game has a winner: Pariski!!! Come and claim your lil stage lady!

Now on to more pics of the holo-est holo that ever holo-ed:

And now the pic that turned out with the littlest holo showing up:

I even had to try to find an angle where the holo would be more subtle

Nfu.Oh 61 is defenitely a must-have. A show stopping polish that looks like it wanna jump up your finger. The holo effect is so spectecular that it will even entertain species like men.
I did use the Nfu.Oh aqua base as a base coat before applying the actual polish. It helped quite a bit but I still found it pretty challenging to apply without streaks and drags (you can click on the pics to enlarge them to see those flaws better)

On a side note; without a light source this polish might look kinda dull. It really needs rays of light to make it come alive. Not a polish for rainy days, but keep this pretty for those sunny afternoons :-)

Did you enjoy playing the lil guessing game? Wanna do it again soon? Any ideas?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!