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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

review: Nfu.Oh #63 and #71

Dear Lacqueristas,

I have read and heard so much about Nfu.Oh nail polishes, but for some reason I've never tried one. Such a shame because I was pleasently surprised:

This is a cool pink holographic polish that leans lavender. Did I mention holographic yet?
One word: W.O.W.
I own quite a lot of holographic polishes (China Glaze OMG collection, Kaleidoscope collection, Gosh, OPI etc etc) but I've never seen a holo this holo-ish. In sunlight this polish just jumps off your nails and even indoors the holoness is evident. Just see for yourself:

The formula of #63 was very good. Dried in an instant too. But I'm not so fond of the brush which is kind of narrow and not so supple. The awesomeness of the holo effect definitely makes up for that.
Overall, I am in love and am sure I will explore the other colors in Nfu.Oh's holographic collection.

There has to be some funky, creative people behind the Nf'.Oh designer tables. I don't even know how to describe this color.... A greenish gold? A faded lime with a golden swirl? Antique gold with green stains? The finish falls somewhere between a micro glitter and a foil. Very unique.

The formula was good and also dried fast but not as fast as the holographic Nfu.Oh.

These polishes were provided to me by Nfo.Oh Nederland, the official distributor of the Netherlands.

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


jaljen said...

Thumbs up for 63.
But 71 isn't my cup of tea.

Lucy said...

Mmm, 63 is hella pretty!

Enamel Girl said...

oooh wee, 63 is hot!

Shiny! said...

I love their holos!

Rebecca said...

I've got 71! I agree describing the colour is difficult. I adore the holo as well. Nfu-Ohs are amazing.

Joan said...

These are really stunning. :)

LiveLaughLove6487 said...

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