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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Nfu.Oh #59, #60

Dear Lacqueristas,

Nfu.Oh is famous for beeing one of the first brand to introduce flaky nail polishes, and definetly the one with the most variety in colors and effects.

Nfu.Oh #59
This is a wine red base with flakes that shift between orange/red//green. The base is a tad darker then #48 so if you're into that supersheer jelly feeling you could wear it by itself.
See how the flakies shift color in the bottle?!

Nfu.Oh #60
By many fellow lacqueristas and bloggers this next polish is the godmother of the flakies. A true chameleon. She has many faces as the flakies range from green-gold-orange-brownins-red. The sheer base is a very transperant black.
Sorry about the akward way Photobucket liked to crop this pic...
I promise you my hands look better in real life ;-)

The most common way to wear a flaky is to apply it as an extra layer (or 2 or 3) on top of a base color. Many prefer black polish as a base as this will make the flakies stand out. It will give your nails a 3D effect.  I got so many compliments wearing a flaky the other day, and I just couldn't stop staring at my own fingertips. A flaky absolutely transforms any *average* nail polish into something stunning.

All of the above polishes applied good. But I have to note that the formula of these flakies tend to be gooey when applied to lushciously. But aren't all polishes better when applied in nice thin layers?  The glossy finish with the awesome flakes are totally unique. A must have for any lacquerista!

These polishes were provided to me by Nfu.Oh Nederland

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Michelle said...

#59 is really gorgeous, really need to pick it up once! Nice review :)

Laquerista said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you! I checked out your blog just now, and wow it looks so professional! How did you do that??? You got a new member ;-D

Jasmine said...

this is NEED this :)

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