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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first black label OPI! Really, really different from the green label one...

Dear Lacqueristas,

Just have a look at this:
Now what do you think this is? I bet you wouldn't say Bubble Bath? Because Bubble bath is way more pink right? Well, I found this bottle in Santo Domingo and it actually IS Bubble Bath but the original version.

Back in the days when the formula still contained B3, OPI put labels with black letters on their bottles whereas nowadays the labels have green letters. In the case of Bubble Bath, not just the formula has changed but also the color! 

When I saw this bottle with the white-ish polish with just a hint of pale pink, I wanted it. Only when I read the label I realized it was BB whilst I was not even attracted to the *modern* version of BB.

About the application: I heard many times from old school Lacqueristas that B3 formula OPI's are a dream to apply. They would glide on as butter supposedly. Well..... Unfortunately that didn't happen with this bottle of mine.

I found the formula pretty runny and streaky. My experience with OPI's formula is excellent and this one just disappointed me a little. It wasn't the worst application, just not as good as OPI's normally would apply.
It took me 4 coats to even out some streaks. My aim was not to reach opacity as the polish is sheer. I think I reached semi-opacity although in the pictures it looks more opaque as in real life.

Nice ring huh? My friend makes these, check them out at Crazy Daizy

Despite the formula, I do truly enjoy this polish. The color looks so clean and fresh! I'm so glad I found this and for sure I'm going back to this place next year to buy me a new bunch of Hard To Find polishes...

Do you own some black label OPI's? Which are your favourites and how do you like the formula?

 Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Tara said...

nice color and ring! i took a visit to her site, lovely rings.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Wow yeah that's totally different. I used Bubble Bath this past week and mine's almost white.

Zara said...

I don't own any black label OPIs. The "new" Bubble Bath does not appeal to me at all, but I love this!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful color. I'm on my last bottle and i'm desperate to find another one!

The Glitzkrieg said...

Bubble Bath was a big french manicure colour when I was in beauty school. I have probably 3 or 4 bottles of it around here. The application has ALWAYS been like that. Even as a french, it didn't work very well. If you used one sheer coat, it would be streaky. If you used 2 coats, it would be streaky. If you used 3, you lost the french effect.
Ah well...

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