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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Like blackened olive and gold glitters? I do! Yeehaa!

Dear Lacqueristas,

I knew this polish wasn't made for me. It's a warm toned blackened olive with golden glitters. But Scrangie's swatch was soooo mouthwatering I just HAD to buy it. Wagon Trail is part of the Rodeo Diva collection of China Glaze.
Wagon Trail is a beautiful nail polish because of it's finish: it's packed with golden microglitters that shimmer right through the layers of polish. In direct sunlight it's a true stunner. I added a video to show you Wagon Trail's full beauty:

Application was good. Formula was not too runny nor gloopy. I like the brush. The good thing with darker colors is that they are easy to do clean-up becuase the contrast with the cuticle is so high.

Don't you just love these polishes that have that *lit-from-within* quality? Do you have a favorite?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Michelle said...

Wagon Trail is made for everyone because it's darn awesome. It looks good on you!

Jean said...

I love-love-love this polish. I got a major lemming for it back in November and -had- to have it. I ordered it, and was so not disappointed. It's gorgeous.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I love this one a lot! I love your vids :)

Ayuu said...

It looks gorgeous on you :) I love it ^^

Sharon said...

I absolutely adore dark polish colours, and black is definitely not an exception. And gosh, golden glitters too? Yummyyyy *___*.

Amy said...

Neat color!

dailypolish said...

this is one of my favourite chG colours, it's just so beautiful and it is like embers on your fingers

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