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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catrice new nail polish collection 2011 part 2

500 Sir, Yes Sir!

Dear Lacqueristas,

On to part two of the new Catrice collection. (to check out part one, click here)

Sir, Yes Sir! is a muddy green creme , as seen in the camouflage army gear. I used 2 coats and it applied like a dream.

390 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy!
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeesy is a lime green creme with a white base that makes it look a bit stark. The bottle says you have to apply 2 coats but I applied 3 coats. The formula was not giving me problems, it was just a little bit streaky.

510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
Bye, Bye Birdy! is a fantastic yellow. It is white based, a tad stark and can't decide if it's a pastel or a bright. The color is vivid and looks so fresh and clean, an awesome spring/summer color. I can't believe how excellent the formula was. For this swatch I applied 3 coats but in real life you just might get away with two. The formula is great and that's unheard of for a yellow. Yellows are notorious for beeing streaky or having other formula issues and Catrice just nailed it.
I am in love with this nail polish :-)

470 Snow Motion!
Snow Motion! is a white creme. In the swatch pic it looks like there's some lilac in it but that's not the case. Just a plain ol' white. Formula was not all that, 4 coats to even out streaks.

450 Sand Fransisco
Sand Fransisco is an akward color. Soft white-ish yellow, a tad of green with a super fine golden shimmer that leans to a pearl. This color is unique in my stash. I think it would work best with warm toned ladies and I was surprised how much I like it myself. Formula was good, 3 coats.

I wonder if Sand Fransisco is made to dupe another polish? Does it remind you of one?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!