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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New H&M polishes

Dear Lacqueristas,

H&M has changed their bottle design. Have a look:

Left to right: Spending Cash With Carl, Envy Me, Fashionista, No Mambo Jambo, Moody Model.
Side view. If you keep your stash in a Helmer, you will love this.

On the top of each bottle there's a sticker with the name. So handy! I wish all brands did this.

New (left) vs. Old (right)

The new bottles hold 9 ml / 0.3 fl. oz just like the old one. So no change here. What has changed? The cap, the bottle shape and the font. I think the new bottle looks a lot better, and more luxurious. The bottle feels more sturdy. The only downside is that the cap is rectangular so when you polish, it can feel a bit clumsy.

Many popular H&M shades (like Fashionista) that where available in the old bottles are now also available in the new bottles. I did spot some new(er) shades as you can see in the pictures above. Moody Model and Envy Me look extremely handsome. I will swatch them soon but currently I have a bad case of nubbins and that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable :-s

What do you think of the new H&M bottles? What are your favorite H&M shades?

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Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!