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Monday, August 16, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal and Jade Rose

Dear Lacqueristas,

Meet Chanel Paradoxal:
As you can see the polish in the bottle looks way lighter and shimmery then on my nails. But don't let the angle fool you! This polish has many faces, here's a picture in the sun from another angle:

See? Now it looks similar to the polish in the bottle! In real life when you have this polish on your nails, it looks kinda merky. More taupe then anything. Untill the light hits it and the underlaying shimmers come out. It's a very complex finish, as if you have on a shimmer/glassflecked polish and put a taupe jelly on top. Hmmm very interesting and very unique.I would totally reccomend this polish for it's chameleonesque uniqueness. Awesome!
Application went flawless, 2 coats would have done but I applied 3 anyways.

Paradoxal is part of the permanent collection by the way, at least in the Netherlands it is.

Jade Rose is a re-release. It first came out in the Chanel Boutique exclusive Jade Duo. I'm sure you are all well familiar with (or sick of :-p) Jade, the minty hidden shimmer sought after polish that currently goes for over 300 dollar on Ebay. The other color of this duo never was that much of a hit but is now re-released:

A soft warm pink with in the bottle a hot pink microshimmer. Applied on the nail though, this shimmer is nowhere to be seen. Application was kinda streaky and the shade itself pulles so warm it goes almost beige like a latte. Not flattering for my skintone, and not unique in any way. Disappointing!

Who has/tried Jade Rose? Do you like it? What's your skintone?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Floor en Marjolein said...

Mm, ik vind Jade Rose niet zo bijzonder... Paradoxal daarentegen, wauwie!

ℓidya said...

It's wonderful. I really want to get Paradoxal, but it's not at my country yet :)

Bunny Masseuse said...

I had a friend pick up Jade Rose, but if it doesn't have the shimmer on the nail I might be sadly disappointed.

I did get Paradoxal too, can't wait to try it!

Martje said...

I looove Paradoxal, I`ve bougth it 2 weeks ago and could only just watch the color in the bottle. Polished my nails today with it and I can`t stop looking at it :)

reeree said...

Paradoxal looks GORGEOUS.

cansu said...

i have jade rose and it is probably the best color i have seen in my life. maybe because of my skintone=)

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