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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: Nfu.Oh #48, cuticle remover and flower oil

Dear Lacqueristas,

As you might have noticed I'm on a Nfu.Oh rampage lately. There's an exiting reason for that.... *drumrolls*
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Back to business: the reviews of the day.

Nfu.Oh #48

This is an extra special flaky because it contains a shimmer. The flakes shift between pink and orange and the ultra-fine shimmer flashes silver. The base of the polish is clear with a hint of pink but it has no potential to reach opacity. I'm a huge pink lover and I find this particular polish can make any pink give that lil extra. You could also use this polish on a black base (or any other color) but I love it on a hot pink like Chanel Splendeur that I show you in this picture.

Close-up of #48     2 layers on top of Chanel Splendeur.
Please notice the neat state my cuticle is in :-)

Nfu.Oh cuticle Remover

I get so many questions about treating and maintaining cuticles. We lacqueristas like to change polish regularly which means we expose our tips to harsh chemicals. It can be a struggle to keep your cuticles and nails healthy, but it's so rewarding! Healthy cuticles are the first step to healthy nails. I found out a way that works miracles for me Read bout that here
After executing my special process to exfoliate the skin around my nails, I would always use a cuticle remover by the brand Herome. This is a dutch brand and one of the few cuticle removers that are available in my country. I used to like it because the texture is gel-like and it does the job satisfyingly.
But, then... Nfu.Oh sent me this:

I've never ever used a cuticle remover of this quality. Had no clue removing hard, dry, stubborn skin could be so quick and easy. Let's see:
The cuticle remover is a milky white liquid. The texture is not gel-like at all, but liquid like... milk! The brush is pretty narrow and has the right stiffness to be able to apply the liquid right where it should be: on your cuticles. After applying, I *felt* the cuticle remover working. It didn't burn at all, more like a slight tingley sensation. My bottle didn't come with instructions so I checked my first finger after about 2 minutes and... The magic already took place.
 Not only was my poor cuticle released from being stuck to my nail plate, so was the debris that my *special technique* left on my skin and nail plate.
I should have made a picture with the amount of dead skin that came off. (If you want to see a close up of one of my cuticles after using this product, scroll up a little^^^)
My verdict: Amazing product. My new holy grail, will definitely purchase when this bottle runs out. I would recommend this product to all of you!

Nfu.Oh flower oil
I received a bottle of Jasmine Flower Oil to try. The first thing I notice is the pretty bottle that is shaped like a Victorian corset. The oil itself is clear so the small real dried flowers that float in the oil are visible. So cute! These flower oils come in different flavours: Banana (!!!), Bubble gum, Lavender, Jasmine, Mango, Orange, Peppermint, Plumeria, Strawberry, Sunflower, Vanilla and Rose.

One thing these different flower oils have in common are essential herbal oils. These are high quality natural ingredients and a source of vitamin E. The jasmin oil I tried smells divine...

As you might have already seen, Nfu.Oh sponsors a generous 7 piece giveaway on my blog!

Have you had the pleasure to work with Nfu.Oh cuticle remover yet? And what is your favourite cuticle remover?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


smALtY said...

I need that Cuticle Remover!!!

Enamel Girl said...

oh wow. that is beautiful!

Make-up Monstertje said...

i'm waiting till #38 is available again and then im gonna purchase it with the remover, i can't wait

Becky said...

I love that colour!

I’m starting with my beauty blog and I would appreciate if you become my follower. Thank you so much (^_^)


Gwenn said...

#48 looks so gorgeous, I love it !
And I have ti find that cuticle remover, everone says it's a miracle ^^
For the oils, I have the bubblegum one ... Yummy !

NailPolishJunkie said...

So how did you find the cuticle oil? How did it compare to other oils you've used? I have really been wanting to try this but think I may just be in love with the pretty bottle/flowers..I'd like to know it actually works too :) Thanks!

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