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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hidden Treasure arrived in europe! And H&M Espresso Me

Dear Lacqueristas,

Yesterday I came home after a long day of work to find a box waiting for me. When I opened it I swear I did a lil happy dance! The box contained some stunning lil beauties like 2 OPI Designer Series and 2 Zoya Sprakle Collecion polishes, and a lot of other goodies. And the best of all: Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure! OMG my first flaky! All of this was send to me by my swap-mate Karen. Many thanks to you Karen:-)

Because most of the polishes I received are either holo/glitter I want to wait till the sun is out so I can swatch them for you. But as you've might seen on the news... Icelands Volcano is blowing it's ashes toward us again... Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!

For today I will show you a nice vampy cream by H&M: Espresso Me. A perfect brown, not too red so I could pull it off with my cool skin tone.

The formula was a tad goopy but still easy enough to work with. I had to do minor clean-up. The brush is good as it is but the drying time of this one was a bit long. I find that with most cremes that H&M makes. The holo's, shimmers and pearls dry much faster but that's with most brands. Normally I wouldn't really find out but since I'm out of my Holy Grail Seche Vite (since about 3 weeks) I am forced to let my nail polish dry naturally.

Do you have Hidden Treasure yet?


ShortAndSweetNails said...

Yay for getting Hidden Treasure!! Boo for the volcano :(

I love that brown. OMG I can't imagine having to wait for the polish to dry! You are amazing LOL

Ria said...

I read the title on my blogroll and I was prepared to go running to the store that brought it here(hoping it was Sephora or sth)...Ah well...I'm sooo waiting on a review though :)

Lucy said...

God, I SO want Hidden Treasure - I'm hoping Gosh Rainbow might be similar...

Saori said...

I drool in front of picture of Hidden treasure !!! You are very lucky ^^

SilhouetteScreams said...

Damn, that volcano is STILL going? It's kinda disappeared from the news feeds here. But YAY for Hidden Treasure!

Jackie S. said...

Great swap, can't wait till the sun comes out!

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