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Monday, May 10, 2010

H&M Blue my mind, and yes, it REALLY blew my mind!

Dear Lacqueristas,

This week I set a record. I had this mani on for 6 days!!! I like to change every other day, or even daily, but I am totally out of Seche Vite so I didn't feel like changing polish, and the other reason: I fell so in love with this polish! Look:

After 6 days. Topcoat I used was Chanel Quick Shine. Only minor tipware (right hand and I'm a righty!) and some chips on the tumb.

H&M Blue My Mind is a beautifull, sexy, bright blue creme. It looks like the color of the caps of Bic Ballpoints. It is extremely flattering to my fair skin with pinky undertones and I received many compliments. Because it was so bright, it was hard to capture the color on photos so I added a slightly blurry pic but the color is pretty accurate.

This picture was taken in sunlight. Imagine the color a tad darker :-)

The formula was not so good, it was gloopfest but hey, I think I manages pretty good and I did absolutely NO clean up for these pics!

I fall in love more and more with H&M, the polishes are so affordable (4 to 5 euro's) and they have the awesommest effects and colors: holographic, lavender, blues, greens etc etc. Their formulas are not always perfect but I dont'mind that at all. I know these polishes are not available in every country, but it's worth the effort to check it out for yourself. If my blog REALLY creates lemmings for you that you can't fullfil, don't hasitate to contact me as I do swap!
Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


amusedPolish said...

argh- you make me wanna wear this one & it's sitting in my untried stash, gotta dig it out soon ^^

Tuli said...

This is such a lovely shade of blue - I like it alot ! And it looks so pretty on you :-)

Jackie S. said...

Wow! this blue is gorgeous!

Natalia said...

Seriously : you have to stop this! ,
You make me so envious!!!;)
lol, the only thing I have to comfort myself is that with my darker skin it wouldn't look as stunning as it looks on you

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