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Thursday, June 10, 2010

China Glaze Entourage and Fly (Kicks collection)

Dear Lacqueristas,

China Glaze came out with the Kicks collection in april 2009 but only now I've bought two shades from the range. Let's start with Entourage:
A lighter lime green shade but not too vibrant or bright. There's lots of pretty glass flecks that China Glaze is so famous and loved for. A juicy, lushious nail polish if it weren't for the dissapointing formula!

I experienced cuticle drag due to the runny formula and as a side effect, the polish that I applied to my nail would slide off to the sides to leave the middle part of my nail with sheer spots. I didn't use too thick coats but this would still appear. I had to use 4 coats to achieve opacity.

I decided to take off the polish of my index finger and put China Glaze Snow as a base coat (an opaque white). On top of this I still had to finish off with 2 coats of Entourage. You can see in the swatch pics that my index looks a bit more vibrant though.
All and all I like the shade but hate the formula.

A darker fuchsia with blue undertone, leaning even towards purple. This one has tiny tiny glassflecks that sometimes appear like a flash. This is a pretty unique finish and in most lightings it appears so glossy that it reminds me of plastic, or patent. Awesome shade and awesome formula. Application went flawless, I used two coats and practically no clean-up!

Shade. See the glossy *plastic* finish?

What other shades from the Kicks collection do you recommend me?

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


Rani said...

Pretty colors!
The green is really original ^^

Flygirl said...

Tried "Fly" for the first time last week when I was looking for a different color to try at the salon and wandered on to this website this a.m. Totally agree with your comments about this color - luscious!

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