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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Collistar 42 Melanzana Glitter (awesome eggplant lit from within) special review ;-)

Dear Lacqueristas,

Again a special review... At the end of this review I'll give you a little hint!

Collistar is an Italian make-up and skincare brand. They are known for their famous Thalasso scrub and their bold make-up looks. But I love them for their nail polish. Now have a look at Collistar #42 Melanzana Glitter (Italian for eggplant glitter)

Holy Moly this polish has a little fire going on deep down within! Stunning lit-from-within awesomeness! A dark blackened eggplant with the most sparkle like duo-chrome glitter that hovers between pink/red/gold. A vampy on steroids.
Formula was good, opacity in 2 layers and dried pretty quick! Loving the brush.

Check here the video to see how Melanzana Glitter looks in full sun:

How was this lil piece of candy for you? Do you see what I mean by lit-from-within? And is Collistar nail polish available where you live?

Hint: I'd REALLY like to know if H&M and Collistar polish is available for you! ;-D

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!


KrisInPhilly said...

I really wish Collistar was available to me! They look like have some amazing colors. Like that one! Ugh! So pretty.

Laquerista said...

So... It's not available in the US? You sure?

ShortAndSweetNails said...

OMG why are you so cruel? LOL I love that polish!!! Of course not available here :/
H&M is available at some stores but very very rare.

amusedPolish said...

i wish collistar would be sold in every douglas here... I just know one which sells them but of course the colour i wanted was sold out and only the tester was available (somehow I'm a chicken to ask if i can have if....)

Sharon said...

This colour! It's really so awesome *__*. If only it were sold here in Australia :/. I love the red shimmers, it makes the black polish look that much more amazing ♥.

dailypolish said...

i must admit i have a really strong love/hate relationship with black jelly/red glitter polishes. london isn't known for its sunshine so sometimes the beautiful effect is lost and it just looks black and blah. i prefer lippmann collection ruby red slippers because there is no mistaking the colours!

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