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Friday, April 23, 2010

Catrice 280 London's Weather Forecast (part of my giveaway)

Dear Lacqueristas,

When Catrice came out with the new range of nail polish I skipped London's weather forecast initially. The reason was that I already own some greys and this one didn't look special enough to me. I'm glad I did pick it up after all.

London's weather forecast is a grey with a dusty blue undertone. A bit lighter then your average grey (China Glaze Recycle for example) and way more easy to pull of. A very subtle shimmer livens this polish up.

Application was not flaweless, the formula was a little gloopy so I made sure to use very thin coats. For these pictures I applied 3 coats.

This beauty is part of my Giveaway, you can enter untill may 10th and you can win a bunch of nail polish and a Lancome lipstick!

What is your favorite grey? And what color do you use to Konadize it?

Hasta la vista Lacqueristas!


Jean said...

This is so pretty! I love how it seems to maybe have a slight greenish undertone to it. I love interesting grays. I definitely don't own enough of them.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

My fave grey is Carolyn New York Hangin' On The Stoop. It looks very similar to this one you've posted.

Camy said...

This color is so beautiful!

Sharon said...

Grey is definitely growing on me these days. It must have something to do with seeing so many grey coloured nails lol. The next time I see a grey shade in bottles, I'm going to be snatching it up :D.

dailypolish said...

i love greys! i feel like i'm lacking in darker grey's, i've only got 2!

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