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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teaser: swatches new Catrice polishes

Dear Lacqueristas

Big fat rainy clouds these days but I will tease you with some quick swatches in artificial light. You will get the real deal as soon as the sun comes out, so keep an eye on my blog ;-)

The taupes: pink 200, ring 230, middle 300, index 290, thumb 220

The purples: Pink 110, ring 130, middle 120, index 190, thumb 100.

The greens/blues (and a yellow): Pink 260, ring 240, middle 250, index 010, thumb 270

My favorites so far:
100 (vampy with the most sexy burgundy shimmer/micro glitter)
190 (Magenta with a blue simmer)
260 (a teal/turqoise with silver blue shimmer)
I'm sure many of you love the taupes as well. Three taupe polishes in a collection of 30, that means you can find your perfect shade. I have seen a clay-ish taupe with a shimmer (yes really, a SHIMMER in a taupe), a taupe leaning to purple and one leaning brown.
Catrice defenitly jumpes on the bandwagon here considering all the dupe-ey taupe and mushroom colours... In fact I think I could find the dupe in any of these polishes. But that's not a bad thing per se!

*I see now that it totally showes that I didn't apply a ridgefiller... So excuse my ridges please! Nest time I'll make swatches I'll make sure I do it right ;-) *
So far for these Catrice teaser for now, Í pinky promise that I will review and swatch all of them soon! 

Remember, I do swatch and compare on request so let me know wich Catrice polishes you want me to swatch first and what you want me to compare it to.

Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!



Thank you for the swatches, I bought a few myself and I love them :)

Evil Angel said...

110 and 190 are my favorites! Wish they had these in the states.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I said it in your other post but I'll say it again...I want the taupes!!! LOL

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