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Monday, March 15, 2010

OPI Hong Kong collection

Dear Laqueristas,

My very first review, and my first real post! I'm so exited to get this blog up and running! I will start reviewing my most recent purchase: some lacquers from OPI's Hong Kong collection.

Jade is the new black.
A very unique color. It is somewhat dusty and has an antique feeling. I didn't like that it enhanced the red tones in my skin. I also swatched with a matte topcoat and I loved the outcome!
Formula: cream, medium pigmented, I used 3 layers. Overall formula was fine.
Artificial light, color is a bit off, it is greener and darker IRL

Daylight, no direct sun. Color is pretty accurate.

With China Glaze Matte magic topcoat in daylight

Dim Sum Plum
A cool magenta with purple undertones. I'd say this color could flatter many skintones. One of my favourites, can't wait to do my summer pedicure with this one!
Formula: Perfect, very pigmented (one coat could do, I used two because of the macro) the lacquer glided on the nail smoothly like butter.

Daylight, no direct sunlight (please forgive my cuticles, it was a day full of swatching!)

I realize this came out blurry, but it showed the color accurately. One finger 2 layers of DSP,
other finger 2 layers of DSP and 1 layer of ChG Magic matte.

Comparing Dim Sum Plum. Click the image to see the names. The Hennes and Mauritz "fuchsia came closest but was a tiny hint more purple.

That's it for now, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and my first post... Feel free to comment!
Hasta la vista, Laqueristas!